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Oh shit!!! It's fully almost done!! (W/ pics)

2008-02-24 00:06:36 by jimmick

That's right, my dead rising parody is done animation-wise... All that's left is the shading, voicing and final touches. Wow, seems like I've been doing this forever.

Ain't it shiny?

Oh shit!!! It's fully almost done!! (W/ pics)


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2008-03-03 20:59:42

Looks pretty nice.
Seems like you've been plugging this thing for a long time now. Interested to see how it turns out.
Especially since it was meant to be Dead Rising in a minute. How long is it now?

jimmick responds:

Uhhhh, five?
I need a good voice actor or two and some decent sfx.
Also touchups
Otherwise it's done


2008-03-23 09:35:26

Aprime was here!


2008-04-02 23:04:56

do u have x fire


2008-04-06 02:30:42

yay for orange boxes ^_^


2008-04-07 08:20:44

There must be at least one cock joke in it if you want me to vote 5.

jimmick responds:

The words "Run away cock jokes" appear more than once