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I has a hat is online, this time, no sticks.
So enjoy, or I'll threaten you.

My new blog comic

2008-04-13 01:10:13 by jimmick

Hey guys, since I have so many ideas but so little patience for animating, I've decided to take the losers way out and get a blogcomic.
So check it out and drop me some kudos!
linky linky

That's right, my dead rising parody is done animation-wise... All that's left is the shading, voicing and final touches. Wow, seems like I've been doing this forever.

Ain't it shiny?

Oh shit!!! It's fully almost done!! (W/ pics)


2008-01-27 06:45:38 by jimmick

Is almost done! After 2 weeks of developement
My egoraptor-esque film about dead rising.
So yes keep an eye out, but I know NO ONE will EVER read this.